silver man, royal mile, Edinburgh festival street photography

Street Photography print sales

As a landscape photographer in Scotland selling prints of my work is important . It is crucial to publish my pictures on as many different platforms as possible , so I have posted my pictures on Etsy , Redbubble , Photogold and photo4me prints . Each site offers a different range of users with particular profiles and interests. Pinterest is another website with a huge amount of traffic and a focus on stylish images.

The sale of photography prints is particularly significant for landscape photographers for several reasons:

  1. Revenue Stream: Selling prints offers a direct and often substantial source of income. Since landscape photography can be a costly endeavor due to travel and equipment expenses, print sales can provide the financial support needed to sustain and grow a photography business.
  2. Artistic Recognition: When someone purchases a print, it is not just a transaction; it’s an endorsement of the photographer’s vision and skill. This recognition can be highly rewarding and validating for photographers, boosting their reputation and increasing their visibility.
  3. Wider Audience: Selling prints allows photographers to reach a broader audience beyond galleries and exhibitions. It provides an opportunity for more people to own and appreciate their work, which can lead to further sales and commissions.
  4. Longevity of Work: Physical prints ensure the longevity of a photographer’s work. Unlike digital images that can be easily lost in the vastness of the internet, a print is a tangible product that can last for generations, keeping the photographer’s legacy alive.
  5. Brand Building: High-quality prints help in building a brand and aesthetic unique to the photographer. Collectors and photography enthusiasts often seek out prints from photographers with a strong and distinctive style. I have chosen to brand my photography prints website as Photogold
  6. Greater Control: By selling prints, photographers maintain more control over the presentation of their work. They can ensure the quality of the final product meets their standards, which isn’t always possible with digital formats or third-party publications.
  7. Emotional Connection: There is an emotional aspect to owning a piece of art. For the buyer, a landscape print can evoke memories, emotions, and inspiration. This connection not only benefits the buyer but also adds to the intrinsic value of the photographer’s work.
  8. Diversification: In a digital age where images are often consumed quickly and for free, print sales offer a way for photographers to diversify their income streams, protecting them against changes in digital platforms and market trends.

For landscape photographers in particular, prints are a way to share the beauty and scale of their subjects in a format that justice to their effort and vision. The tangibility and visual impact of a large-format landscape print cannot be fully replicated on a screen, making print sales a crucial aspect of their craft and livelihood.